Go Be You Skin Serum

Go Be You Skin Serum


With 19 natural and organic active botanicals and a holistic blend of superior essential oils, my GoBeYou SKIN SERUM potion is like a perfect FEAST for your FACE. Truly, it was formulated to nourish, protect and regenerate your SKIN and your EMOTIONS! Yes! I believe your emotions affect your skin, therefore we have formulated EMOTIONAL/NUTRITIONAL SKINCARE …to nourish both!!! Just like eating a proper balanced meal, this serum is what your skin needs to be fed properly. It’s anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients help to minimize aging while calming emotional stress…like worry and fear. Frankincense alone is known for reducing anxiety, minimizing wrinkles, age spots and scars.

The magic of this potion can help lift your spirits!


Massage one pump into clean, DAMP skin. 

The more you massage, the deeper it goes, nourishing you like it should.

*For those of you with sensitive skin, dampen your hands first to dilute a bit.

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