Go Be You Youth Glue

Go Be You Youth Glue


The YOUTH GLUE is perfect for when you are looking tired and need a pick-me-up! It’s made with Spirulina, Manuka Honey, and GoBeYou. essential oil complex. Spirulina is an amazing SUPERFOOD …so good for your SKIN, a perfect ANTI-OXIDANT and ANTI-AGING food…the Manuka honey is HEALING and HYDRATING overall!! SO great for BUMPS, ACNE and plain ole tired skin. The essential oils in this formula are good for FIRMING and TIGHTENING the SKIN and….GROUNDING and BALANCING the EMOTIONS…RELIEVING STRESS. 

Just like the serum, GoBeYou.youth glue is EMOTIONAL SKINCARE. FOOD for your FACE AND your SOUL. It is a reminder that emotions affect our skin and we need to nurture both. May my YOUTH GLUE center and restore you. 


1 On a clean face, grab a teaspoon of youth glue with your fingertips and dab it on each cheek, chin and forehead.

2 Then, with wet fingers massage it in for a couple of minutes. 

3 Be sure to keep it damp (it’s not a peel off or dry mask!). Then let to sit for 5-10 minutes. And rinse off. 

For an added dose of nourishment, I always apply my serum after rinsing off my YOUTH GLUE!

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